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PRODIGY NW is a new organization in the process of establishing itself as a stand-alone 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization. The concept of PRODIGY NW was born as a result of ideas discussed by three individuals who share a common passion and commitment to serving gifted youth and their families. Its co-founders have been on a recent mission to meet with numerous regional leaders affiliated with K-12 education, universities and various business organizations in the Spokane, Washington, region. With their leadership, overwhelmingly positive support, and input, PRODIGY NW is evolving into what it is destined to become.

PRODIGY NW’s goals are all encompassing in providing the highest level of academic and enrichment opportunities for this special population of youth. Those goals include, providing an assortment of enrichment opportunities for gifted students, working in conjunction with regional K-12 school districts to assist them in their efforts to effectively serve gifted children, and assisting in the process of what can be an overwhelming journey for many families.

PRODIGY NW values your input. Please email us with any questions, feedback or comments that you might have for us.

P.O. Box 2506, Spokane, WA 99220