Student Support
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Educator Resources

Educator Resources

Consultation Services - Linking school districts and teachers with resources that identify and support the special needs of gifted students.

Testing and Assessment – Testing and identifying intellectually gifted youth: providing assessment of their strengths, abilities and interests to determine specialized resources and programs which meet their unique needs:


Program Development – Working in conjunction with school districts (individual and in regional groups) to determine the kind(s) of programs that would be the most effective and feasible for their gifted students:

                            Pull Out/Part time Programs
                            Magnet/Full Time Progrrams
                            After School/Weekend Enrichment Programs

Curriculum Development – Assisting and supporting teachers in the creation and development of differentiated lessons, activities and assignments that provide value added learning for gifted youth in the regular classroom or in specialized programs.

                            Thematic Instructional Units
                            Independent Projects
                            Tiered Assignments
                             Critical and Creative Thinking Skills
                             Problem Solving Lessons
                             Student Social Development 

Staff Development – Providing information and connecting teachers and administrators with professional growth opportunities in the area of gifted education to support the learning, social and emotional needs of gifted students.

                        ‚Äč    Conferences