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The Gifted Child


The Intellectually Gifted Student

Outstanding talents are present in students from all culture groups, across all economic strata, and in all areas of human endeavor.  Intellectual giftedness is exhibited when individuals perform at remarkably high levels of intellectual ability (top 3%) when compared with others of their age, experience, or background.  Gifted students benefit from programs, learning opportunities, resources and materials which support and promote interactions with their intellectual peers.  These students need the opportunity to achieve their full academic potential and deserve value added learning every day in their K-12 educational experience.

Highly capable, intellectually gifted students possess these learning characteristics:

In addition, many intellectually, gifted students possess these characteristics:

Because gifted students have special social /emotional and academic learning needs, they are best served in differentiated educational programs which compliment their individual learning styles and special abilities.  Gifted students need opportunities to interact with their intellectual peers in a setting that is safe, where they can be themselves and express their thoughts and ideas openly.  Gifted students need teachers and mentors who understand them and can support them in their educational learning.

Many years of professional experience as educators and parents have made us passionate, advocates for gifted education and gifted children everywhere.  After working with this intellectually unique group of special students and developing relationships with their parents and families, we have grown to understand that “oh they’re gifted, they’ll be fine”, is a MYTH! 

If we truly believe in value added learning for all students, if we believe in the development of intellectual talent, with the support of creative, critical thinking, then we are morally obligated to provide specialized programs and learning opportunities for gifted students.  We believe our investment in these special children will result in highly educated, future leaders who will forge the way in solving global problems, and contribute toward making the world a better place for all.

There are gifted children living and learning in every community and in every school district.  We need to find them and provide for their unique learning needs.